Converge Has Fastest Broadband Speeds in the Philippines

Converge Has Fastest Broadband Speeds in the Philippines

While most internet analyses made in the Philippines focused primarily on mobile networks, Opensignal recently conducted one for broadband networks for the first time in its July 2023 report. For this report, Opensignal gathered data from Metro Manila, Cebu City, and Davao, and measured six key metrics: Broadband Download Speed, Peak Download Speed, Upload Speed, Video Experience, Success Rate, and Consistent Quality. Opensignal revealed in their report that Converge has the fastest broadband speeds in the Philippines.

In its analysis, Converge users see an average download speed of 52.8Mbps, which is 6.7Mbps or 14.6% faster than what PLDT has to offer in the same metric. Converge is also the leader when it comes to upload speeds, as it bagged an average of 35.9Mbps, 12.5Mbps faster than PLDT, and 15.2Mbps faster than Globe. In its nationwide analysis, Opensignal also noted that Converge leads in Broadband success Rate and Broadband Video Experience, while PLDT and Globe are at a tie when it comes to Broadband Consistent Quality.

When it comes to accolades, Converge bagged most of its awards in Metro Manila where it has the widest coverage among the three regions–where it won Broadband Video Experience, Broadband Success Rate, and Broadband Upload Speed. Converge is tied with PLDT when it comes to Broadband Download Speed, while the latter is the leader when it comes to Broadband Peak Download speed. Globe, for their part, leads when it comes to Broadband Consistent Quality.

Outside of Metro Manila, Converge remains to be the fastest broadband provider in both Cebu City and Davao. In Cebu City, Converge is the leader in Broadband Success Rate, Broadband Upload Speed, Broadband Download Speed, and Broadband Video Experience–and the same is seen with data taken from Davao. Globe still leads in Broadband Consistent Quality for both Cebu City and Davao, while PLDT has the upper hand when it comes to Broadband Peak Download Speeds.

All of these data solidify Opensignal’s findings that Converge is the broadband provider to beat in the Philippines–with the company expanding its fiber footprint to almost 600,000km as of September 2022.


  • Alan Cannon , July 21, 2023

    Converge may well have the fastest internet speed, but only for a very short period within the day. It peaks around 7am, then the download speed gradually decreases to around 2Mbps by 3pm! It would appear that they do not have the necessary infrastructure in place to cope with high peak demand. I would suggest that they are now over subscribed and can no longer fulfil their contractual agreement regarding minimum connection speeds!

  • Moz , July 22, 2023

    Had a bad experience when applying for a Converge connection twice. Our application suddenly gets cancelled for no reason. Applied to Globe and never been happier.

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