DITO Expands Market with FlexPlan and Home Unli 5G

DITO Expands Market with FlexPlan and Home Unli 5G

DITO continues to expand its presence in the Philippines with new offerings that include its Home Unli 5G and FlexPlan. These two new products are part of DITO’s efforts to empower all Filipinos by giving them access to affordable high-speed 5G connectivity.

When it comes to performance, DITO is proud that it achieved 58.8% Excellent Consistent Quality, besting Smart’s 56.7%. When it comes to Core Consistent Quality, DITO achieved a 79.9% rating, which beats Globe’s 77.7%. On top of that, DITO’s upload speed has improved to 5.2Mbps for 2023.

“While we embrace the power of technology, we also recognize the significance of making these advancements accessible to all. Inclusivity is the driving force behind our innovation, as we strive to empower individuals and communities with our transformative mobile and broadband solutions,” DITO Telecommunity Chief Commercial Officer Evelyn Jimenez said. 

DITO FlexPlan, for one, has a unique offering of giving savings to its customers to plan to pay in advance–with discounts of as much as 40% off should you pay 24 months in advance. Aside from that, DITO is offering its users the option to purchase a vanity number for their FlexPlans for a fee via DITO Experience Stores.

For its Home Unli 5G service, DITO elaborated that its Php 745/month (for the first 6 months; original price is Php 1490/month) is still ongoing until October 6. There’s also a data-capped plan at Php 990/month for 200GB monthly data that can be carried over to the next billing cycle. Those who prefer a prepaid service can go for Unlimited Data for Php 1090/month or a data-capped plan at Php 590/month with 100GB monthly allocation. Prepaid subscribers will need to get a DITO Home Starter Kit that’s priced at Php 7,990.

DITO Home is available in select areas in NCR, Cebu, Laguna, Cavite, and Davao. 

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