Elon Just Broke Twitter (Again)

Elon Just Broke Twitter (Again)

While Elon Musk is making changes to Twitter to make it better and give it a fresh start of sorts, it almost always ends up making the social media platform broken.

One of the latest round of mistakes Musk made with Twitter is turning off what he calls the “microservices” bloatware. Despite Musk’s claims that less than 20% of it is needed to make Twitter work, he forgot that the microservices play a crucial role in delivering 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) messages in order for users to log in securely at Twitter.

The result of a grave error by Elon Musk on Twitter? All accounts that use 2FA could not log in properly–and this includes major Twitter accounts like those used by heads of state, government agencies, and major brands like Apple.

Considering he is the CEO of Tesla and Starlink, and both companies are behind spectacular products, it seems that the world’s richest man is not as tech-savvy as he is especially in managing a social media platform like Twitter. We really are dumbfounded by the fact that Musk does not know how important 2FA is in keeping Twitter accounts secure from hackers.

Musk’s string of bad decisions for Twitter does not end there. Aside from continuing to fire more Twitter employees, Musk is completely ignorant about Twitter’s internal warnings on his paid verification scheme–which has already been causing chaos and confusion to the social media platform already.

With all the mishaps that’s happening to Twitter lately, we’d not be surprised if the social media platform becomes completely broken and unusable within a year given the mismanagement of Musk to the company.

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