Elon Musk Literally Carries A Sink Into Twitter Office: A Fresh Start

Elon Musk Literally Carries A Sink Into Twitter Office: A Fresh Start

With a lot of controversy over the past year concerning Elon Musk and Twitter, a decision was finally reached recently which more or less sets the deal in stone. To celebrate, Elon Musk surprisingly carried a sink into the building premises to bring the pun “let that sink in” to reality. Here are the details.

The billionaire will be purchasing the iconic social media platform for a price of around $44 billion USD in total. This is near to his original agreed price long ago, before he tried to back out due to the prevalence of bots and security loopholes within the app. Lawsuits were even placed due to these breaches, with top-level management resignations commonplace just a few months ago.

Thankfully, developers were able to seal the sinking ship by releasing a barrage of new features to breathe new life into the company. This includes the Edit Tweet button, Twitter Circle, a TikTok-styled page, Mixed Media, and others that proved quite useful to users upon release. Some speculate that this contributed to Elon eventually pushing through with the deal later on.

The deal is now in its final stages and Mr. Musk has been vocal about the platform on his account. He recently published a Tweet which discusses how Twitter empowers citizen journalism, allowing people to “disseminate news without an establishment bias.” Well, this is often considered a con of media organizations – although accountability and responsibility are things we may not see too often on social media pages, especially with dummy accounts.

Now, Elon Musk has uploaded a video of himself carrying a sink into the Twitter office. This is a reference to the pun “let that sink in,” which could refer to his imminent acquisition of the platform. This could be a sign of a more lighthearted but productive culture that he’s trying to implement in the workplace. This is followed by a “met a lot of cool people at Twitter today!”

To top it all off, his Twitter description now says “Chief Twit” with location set at the company HQ.

It’s evident that he is excited about this whole ordeal, but some are a little bit uncertain of the future.

Rumors have stated that Twitter plans to cut 75% or 3/4 of its global workforce. These mass layoffs seem to have been part of the plan all along even before Musk showed interest in the company. This could be a cost-cutting measure that might just save the company but leave a lot of people unemployed. Twitter has not responded to these rumors.

Regardless, this is a humongous change for the brand moving forward. We’ll just have to see if that’s a good or bad thing later on.





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