Epson Opens New Sales Office and Solution Center in Davao City

Epson Opens New Sales Office and Solution Center in Davao City

Epson has opened its newest Sales Office and Solution Center at GIMS Building, Angliongto St., Davao City, expanding its investment in the Philippines. The Davao Sales Office has been instrumental in bringing Epson’s innovations to customers in the southern part of the country for many years. With 45 managed partners, the new Epson office in Davao handles multimillion businesses–and Epson’s Davao Sales office has come a long way since its first office in Bonifacio Street, Davao City back in 2025.

Epson’s new office space accommodates the first Solution Center in the region, which showcases its unique portfolio of printing technology and visual imaging products. The Solution Center functions as a display venue for Epson products and provides actual demonstrations of the company’s sustainable business solutions, such as heat-free technology in its inkjet printers, which uses no heat in the ink ejection process, consumes less power, and enables higher productivity for users.

(From left to right) Benjamin Villacorta III, Regional Sales Manager, Masako Kusama, EPC President and Director, and Cristopher Sanchez, head of Sales Division.


The Southern Mindanao economic landscape has seen exponential growth in recent years. Our latest investment in the new Davao Sales Office and Solution Center is a show of our confidence in the region’s growth, and we will continue our commitment to enabling the local community through our solutions,” Epson Philippines President Masako Kusama said.

The Davao region’s economy has seen 8.1% growth in 2022 and is valued at Php 954.1 billion–an estimated increase of Php 71.9 billion from 2021, and Php 53.2 billion pesos from pre-pandemic levels in 2019.

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