LTO Considering Mandatory Registration of E-Bikes

LTO Considering Mandatory Registration of E-Bikes

Aside from dealing with the sheer number of unregistered vehicles in the Philippines, the LTO thinks that e-bikes and electric scooters, regardless of capacity, should undergo mandatory registration. This is what LTO Chief Vigor Mendoza said, elaborating that he pushes for the mandatory registration of e-bikes. Under LTO Administrative Order 2021-035, EVs that have a maximum speed of more than 25 kilometers need to be registered with LTO.

While Mendoza’s proposal covers E-Bikes, it’s a tricky affair for electric scooters: under LTO Administrative Order No. 2021-039, only the motorcycle-type scooter needs to be registered. Stand-up scooters–also known as Electric kick scooters (EKS)–do not require registration.

“There should be no speed limitation. For as long as these vehicles are used on public roads, they should be registered,” Mendoza reiterated during the Kapihan sa Manila Bay forum last November 29. “We understand the side of the manufacturers and importers and the public, but the law is the law.”

While the mandatory registration for e-bikes may irk a lot of Filipinos who are finding alternative forms of transportation, Mendoza said that they are simply doing their job in ensuring the safety of motorists, especially on public roads. 

Mendoza adds that unregistered e-bikes can only be used within private roads and subdivisions, and those caught using one on public roads face a Php 10,000 fine–the same fine imposed against unregistered vehicles or those with expired registrations. Aside from that Mendoza reiterated that minors should not be driving e-bikes.

LTO’s push for the mandatory registration of e-bikes comes in light of an alarming report that 12.9 million motorcycles in the Philippines are not registered. Mendoza explained that only 13.9 million out of the 38 million four-wheeled vehicles and motorcycles are registered–and only 10.9 million are registered under the LTO’s LTMS database.

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