Malapit Na: SIM Card Registration Bill Heading To Senate

Malapit Na: SIM Card Registration Bill Heading To Senate

Just five days ago, the SIM Card Registration Law finally reached its final stages in the Congress. Now, it must pass the discerning eyes and brilliant minds carefully elected in the Senate.

Summarizing the coverage of this SIM Card Registration Law now in the Senate, its goal is to correlate each SIM card with a real person and identity. This is to reduce the number of scammers, troll farms, and other crimes conducted over text messaging and calls. Suspicious figures are more likely to think twice if their identities are exposed to the eye of justice.

Requirements to verify identity will include requiring the presence of the SIM Card user when making a purchase, as well as legal identification. The NTC and other investigative bodies have conducted studies looking into these cases, but the implementation of this law could be a huge step towards eradicating it entirely.

Now that the proposed SIM Card Registration Law is in the Senate, this is what the government says about the situation: “If the House-approved version is compatible with that of the Senate’s, the final version’s enrolled form is printed. If there are certain differences, a Bicameral Conference Committee is called to reconcile conflicting provisions of both versions of the Senate and of the House of Representatives. Conference committee submits report on the reconciled version of the bill, duly approved by both chambers. The Senate prints the reconciled version in its enrolled form.”

After passing the senate, it will then be laid out on the table of the President to either veto or pass. Ten days of inaction leads to an automatic passing of the law.

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