Nothing Expands with CMF Sub-Brand

Nothing Expands with CMF Sub-Brand

It has only been a few years since Nothing established itself as a brand. To date, it has launched three TWS earbuds and two phones with the Phone (2) being its latest offering. In its latest community update, CEO Carl Pe announced that they are expanding with the CMF by Nothing sub-brand, which promises better-designed products with affordable pricing.

(Move straight to the 8:42 mark in the video to know more details about CMF)

For those wondering, CMF stands for “Color, Material, and Finish” and Pei said that they have a couple of products in the works that include a smartwatch and a pair of TWS earbuds. Both products are set to arrive later this year, and Pei said that CMF will set itself apart from parent brand Nothing through its focus on “clean design” that’s “accessible”–Nothing, on the other hand, will prioritize “design innovation” with a “premium” feel.

Pei also adds that CMF will be managed by a different team so that it remains focused on its brand identity. If that approach might sound familiar, Pei did something similar back when we had with OnePlus, where he unveiled the Nord sub-brand that focuses on budget-friendly phones, earbuds, and smartwatches.

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