PLDT Blames Construction Works By Another Telco for Latest Fiber Cut

PLDT Blames Construction Works By Another Telco for Latest Fiber Cut

In its latest advisory, PLDT informs its uses from Quezon City, Caloocan, and Bulacan of slower than usual internet services due to a fiber cable cut. In its advisory, PLDT points the cause of the fiber cut to “construction works by another telecommunications company”.

From their post, PLDT should have fixed the problem as of 12pm, but Downdetector reports that PLDT is still experiencing issues as of this writing. There’s a possibility that it might take a while for PLDT to resolve the issue given today’s unpredictable weather.

While PLDT’s post might appear that they are blaming a rival telco company for the fiber cut, things like this are more of an accident, as those doing construction works along roads do make mistakes in hitting crucial fiber cables serving thousands of users.

Prior to the PLDT fiber cut incident, Converge also reported a similar issue a few days ago, with CEO Dennis Anthony Uy pointing to the fiber cut caused by diggings done by DPWH along Pasong Tamo in Makati.

PLDT has yet to reveal how the incident happened, but it’s possible that PLDT’s fiber cables may not be buried deep enough (or have adequate protection) to avoid being accidentally hit by any ongoing roadwork project.

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