PLDT, Globe, DITO Launching Cell Number Portability In September

PLDT, Globe, DITO Launching Cell Number Portability In September

PLDT Globe DITO Cell Number Portability

Just shy of two months before the Mobile Number Portability Act (MNPA for short) deadline, major telcos PLDT, Globe, and DITO have banded together to create a company to tackle cell number portability. This will enable users to switch mobile networks without changing their numbers.

Smart Communications, Globe Telecom, and DITO Telecommunity concluded their initial tests on porting, technical capabilities, and interoperability for their cell number portability through their joint venture firm Telecommunications Connectivity Inc. The three major telcos have worked diligently on the MNPA to meet the July deadline for the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). The outcome of the tests was within standards according to these 3 industry players. This spells out good news for consumers as it’s now easier to switch your preferred network without sacrificing your old number.

The initial tests were able to give a cohesive view of what future customers will experience once they avail of the MNPA. This is inclusive of the experience once they interport from their initial telco numbers to other networks and vice versa. There’s still a lot to learn in the process, however, the application and transition will be easy and seamless for everyone once the MNP is implemented and available to all.

Once the other tests have been passed, the telcos will focus on streamlining external porting processes, implementing security safeguards, and optimizing both backend and frontend operations.

PLDT, Globe and DITO working for cell number portability is truly a step in the right direction. With the Mobile Number Portability Act, local customers can break barriers and gain the power of convenience to finally be able to switch to their preferred service provider without letting go of their old mobile numbers.

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