Productivity And Portability: All-New Dell Latitude Laptops

Productivity And Portability: All-New Dell Latitude Laptops

For such a gigantic company like Dell Technologies, it would be easy to get lost in its vast array of portable computing solutions. Some of the brand’s most notable recent releases are the latest Dell Latitude laptops, built for a new generation of on-the-go professionals.

Definitely the first on our list is the Dell Latitude 9440 2-in-1 device. The brand claims that this is its attempt in bringing the beautiful design of the consumer-centric XPS series to its enterprise lineup. As a result, the bezel-less display has been carried over truly contributing to an immersive experience. Due to the fact that work/enterprise solutions are often brought out to the field, this screen is constructed of Corning Gorilla Glass.

Other stylish design cues include the lattice-free keyboard and the edge-to-edge touchpad that spans the entire space below the final row of keys. Its beating heart is the Intel vPRO i5, powerful enough for today’s hybrid workforce. Since it’s an enterprise processor, it also contains additional hacker deterrents and cybersecurity features.

Most importantly, this attractive portable workstation can also be used as a convertible 2-in-1. Its touchscreen allows for flexible use, making it an ideal tool in various use cases.

Another Dell Latitude unit that piqued our interest is the Latitude 7340 Ultralight. It’s praised to be the lightest 14-inch Dell laptop ever weighing in at a mere 1.06kg. The 13-inch variant scales below the 1kg mark – making it perfect to bring along just about anywhere.

Once again, it’s powered by the Intel vPRO i5 chipset to keep things smooth. On its left, meanwhile, is the Dell 14 Portable Monitor. It’s the easiest way to take your dual-monitor setup with you anywhere you go. More screens allow for greater productivity after all.

As productivity machines, these come installed with Dell Optimizer. That gives you smart features like blurring your display if it detects someone behind you trying to sneak a peek, among other useful functionalities.

Also, if it matters to you, these products are constructed with environmentally-friendly materials in order to reach the brand’s sustainability goals.

“Dell continues to drive circular innovation in our product design, packaging, manufacturing, materials and services. We are expanding the use of low-carbon emissions aluminum to include more recycled content and extending this material to more of our portfolio, including the Latitude 9440, and Precision 5680, and to the Latitude 7000 series later this year,” said Anothai Wettayakorn, vice president, Asia Emerging Markets and South Asia Consumer and Small Business, Dell Technologies.

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