The Final Pitch Set to Return for Season 9 with “Open Edition”

The Final Pitch Set to Return for Season 9 with “Open Edition”

The Final Pitch Season 9 is set to return as the Philippines’ leading business reality TV show on CNN Philippines, with a focus on inclusivity and diversity in the business world. The theme for this season is “Open Edition,” providing opportunities for entrepreneurs, innovators, and startups from various industries to present their innovative business solutions to a diverse panel of investor judges.

Hosted by John Aguilar, the show aims to democratize access to funding, mentoring, and market reach, extending beyond the traditional emphasis on tech startups. “We have decided to make this an ‘Open Edition’ to be able to give a chance to entrepreneurs of different sizes, industries, and verticals,” Aguilar explained.

The panel of investor judges for Season 9 includes notable figures from different industries, as well as judges from the diplomatic corps. They will not only serve as potential investors but also as strategic partners to the contestants. The judges bring diverse perspectives and valuable insights to the show, seeking startups that offer strategic and feasible ideas with clear business opportunities.

Etiqa Life & General Assurance Philippines President and CEO Rico Bautista expressed his interest in collaborating with startups in the insurance, customer service, and distribution sectors, while Pantheon Holdings President Brian Poe-Llamanzares is on the lookout for innovative solutions that address real problems and benefit the public. UnionDigital Bank President and CEO Henry Aguda aim to find solutions that can transform the industry and provide solutions to government problems.

“In the Philippines, entrepreneurship is the driving force behind many successful companies, particularly at the startup level, and the person behind the venture is what ultimately makes it successful,” Llamanzares said.

“Maybe an entrepreneur or a startup can solve a problem that the government is trying to solve and the government becomes the accelerator to make them a unicorn,” Aguda adds.

In a new development for Season 9, the show’s mentoring sessions will be open to participants outside the program. The Final Pitch will invite contestants, students, startups, and other organizations for a one-day learning experience during the Open House Mentoring Day episode. Various business mentors, including industry experts and successful entrepreneurs, will guide the participants through the mentorship program.

To join The Final Pitch Season 9, interested applicants can submit their entries online through the official website. The deadline for applications is May 13, 2023. Participants interested in the Open House Mentoring Day can register here.

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