Netflix Is Looking To Create Its Own Gaming Subscription Service

by Unbox Staff  May 27, 2021

There’s plenty of evidence now that Netflix is looking to create its own gaming subscription service in the next few months. After the success of their Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, a choose-your-own-adventure style film, the brand might actually be looking into offering a unique take on the subscription-based gaming service.

According to a couple of reports, Netflix is planning to hire an executive to oversee their gaming efforts. They are allegedly considering bundling games similar to the subscription model of Apple Arcade which doesn’t have in-app purchases and ads in the games it offers. Another source described that the Netflix Gaming Subscription would be smaller than Apple Arcade considering that they may hone in on Netflix IP licensed games as well as games they’ve commissioned from independent studios.

Netflix Gaming Subscription

If we were to make a rough guess of what games Netflix might have, we just need to look at the titles on their platform. A good number of these are based on popular video games like Witcher and the upcoming TV series Arcane which is based on League of Legends. That being said, Netflix is well aware of the value of its current IP, which can easily be turned into compelling games to market the new service. It is possible that they invest in games based on their originally produced series, or develop new games that could eventually become a Netflix show. Some examples of these are Telltale Game’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and the secret Stranger Things game which never materialized since Telltale Games sadly went out of business.

Gaming subscriptions are not new. These often cater to specific demographics such as Apple Arcade for Apple users and Xbox Game Pass for Xbox / PC users. Netflix may truly become the “Netflix for Games” if they bank on a specialized game subscription that is based on shows they’ve produced. We might see this service come to life in 2022.

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