ICYMI: Key Takeaways from OPPO’s Renogades Masterclass 2

One of the many things the COVID-19 pandemic has taught is is to be creative with how we manage our time being confined at home. For some, this involves becoming a content creator and shooting videos about things they are passionate about. If you plan to start your content creator journey, let’s very own Lea Inocian and Janine Gutierrez help you in creating compelling content.

Here are some highlights from their Renogades Masterclass 2 featuring the OPPO Reno4:

  • A smartphone is all you need to start creating content. If you are starting your content creation journey, your smartphone is your best device to handle both your photo and video needs. “You just need your smartphone to get started,” Lea said. In fact, a smartphone can also be used for editing; with the Reno4, its built-in SoLoop video editing app lets you edit your clips with ease, coming up with great videos without the sweat and hassle of learning complex controls with other video editing software. “You don’t necessarily need to be a pro or know all the tricks in using the camera to create amazing content,” Lea adds, emphasizing on the Reno4’s features that are geared for content creators
  • Make the most of your phone’s features. Most, if not all, phones in the market offer a plethora of features that will help you with content creation. The Reno4’s 960FPS AI Slo-motion video recording is a great way of making your videos stand out, especially when shooting beauty tutorials or stunning B-roll footage of tech products. Especially with well-lit situations, the Reno4’s Slo-motion video recording can create an extra spice to your videos—very helpful considering it is best to change clips within the video every 15 to 20 seconds to keep viewers engaged. Both Janine and Lea elaborated that the Reno4 has a good set of features—down to editing clips using SoLoop—making it an all-in-one content creation device that lets you produce quality videos and photos with ease. “The fact that we have that option to edit wherever we are, it’s just awesome,” Lea said.
  • Explore different shooting and editing styles. As a beauty vlogger, Janine loves to explore different techniques on her videos. Taking inspiration from fellow beauty vloggers, incorporating crisp images, and fun edits help in making viewers engaged with your content. One of the cool editing styles you can do with the Reno4 is AI Color Portrait, which emphasizes color only in select areas to give emphasis on particular parts of your video footage. “You want to stand out by using different styles, different techniques, and different features to create tour own signature look,” Janine said.
  • Your imagination is unlimited! If you have to shoot in low light situations, most smartphones nowadays are equipped with powerful hardware and software to get you great shots. With the Reno4, the combination of its 48-megapixel f/1.8 main camera and software features like Night Flare Portrait helps you get that shot regardless of lighting situations. Speaking of creativity, the Reno4’s Ultra Steady video lets you shoot well-stabilized footage without the need for additional equipment like gimbals (and focus more on proper shooting positions like the “Ninja” step), ensuring smooth pans with your clips. For special emphasis on certain scenes, the Reno4’s 960FPS AI Slo-motion video adds a different kind of depth to your content. “It shows you the detail of whatever you are trying to feature,” Janine said. “Presenting it in slow motion makes it easier for the viewer to see all the details and all the action.”
  • Focus on topics you love talking about. In order to keep the passion going, you should always put in mind what topics do you love to talk about. Whether it may be beauty videos or gadget reviews, you get to create compelling content if you tackle topics that you are passionate about. “It’s so much fun (doing beauty vlogs), and it feels very therapeutic,” Janine shared.

The OPPO Reno4 is the perfect tool to start your passion for content creation with its quad-rear camera setup that is led by a 48-megapixel f/1.8 main camera that performs well in taking photos and videos. It also does not compromise in performance with its Snapdragon 720G processor that is paired with 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage, along with Android 10-based ColorOS 7.2 out of the box.

The Reno4 retails at Php 18,990 and is available in Space Black, Galactic Blue, and the newest limited-edition Nebula Purple. The Reno4 is available via OPPO concept and online stores, partner dealers, and exclusive e-commerce partners Shopee and Lazada, with the limited-edition Nebula Purple available in selected stores only.

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