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Duterte Orders NTC, DICT To Help Third Telco Become Operational By Q1 2018

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That’s a very short time frame

President Rodrigo Duterte wants a third player in the market as soon as possible, and has reportedly ordered both the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) to make sure that the third telco player would be up and about by the first quarter of next year.

“The President has instructed DICT (Department of Information and Communications Technology) and National Telecommunications Commission to ensure that the 3rd telecom provider will be up and about by the first quarter of 2018,” said Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque during a Malacañang press briefing on on Tuesday, December 19.

In line with this, Roque said that the relevant government agencies have been ordered to approve all license and applications within 7 days upon complete submission of requirements. If it has not been approved by that time frame, the licenses and applications would be considered automatically approved.

Duterte also warned against possible roadblocks of the process. “I do not want the courts to interfere and prolong this process. Do not issue any TROs or injunctions. This is a matter of national interest for the benefit of the public,” said Duterte.

The government has tapped China Telecom to become the third telco player in the Philippines, after Telstra’s aborted deal with San Miguel Corporation. But despite the rush, China Telecom will still have to abide by the 40/60 rule mandated by the constitution, which means there needs to be Filipino partners in their venture in the country.

“They (constitutional provisions) will have to be observed and I think the scheme they agreed upon is while China Telecom will have 40%, there will be a consortium of Filipino companies that will own 60%,” said Roque.

“It is being rushed because we need desperately to have better telecoms in this country,” he added.

John Nieves

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  1. Then why not put the china telecom’s stock in Philippines for crowd sale? These will not only put china telecom into operation immediately, boost our internet connection, but also give chance for many Filipino specially poor family but interested to learn how to grow their money.

    There should also provision on how much shares of stock a person/family can buy and also depending on what kind of stock are they going to avail to avoid rich people from monopolizing these market opportunity again.

  2. One of the main reason kung bakit pinupush yan ee para magstep up yung 2 telcos ng PH. No one will force you to transfer sa third party telco na maiintroduce dahil valid din naman reason mo if its for security purposes. I think na miss mo lang yung point na dahil dadalawa yung telco ng PH ee mejo relax sial kasi alam nila na no choice and mga tao, either one or the other. Introducing a new player in town will coerce them into stepping up their services esp if yung papasok na competition will provide a better/faster service.

    1. I already know that. A 3rd telco will force the 2 existing telcos to upgrade. But why china who ranks 134th in fast internet? Why Digong did not invite the countries who ranks better than China? Another point of mine is, Digong is always such in a hurry when it is almost impossible, if not impossible, to meet his own deadlines? An example is jeepney modernization. He threaten to disallow and tow unmodernized jeepneys if they ply their route by January 2018. If that really happens, chaos. Baka mag people power ulit para lang pababain sya sa pwesto. Buti na lang binawi nya.

  3. How about no? Why not focus in helping our local telcos improve rather than allowing other country to invest and drain money from our us? Another Made in China in the Philippines.

    You guys should try using PLDT Home Fibr. or Smart’s LTE. They are competitive in the market. Actually most competitive that Philippine have. 🙂

    What happened to Support Local? Come on guys!!! Let’s put pressure on our very own. 🙂

  4. Quarter one already ticking! While PLDTs official stance is to welcome a new player and upgrade their lines and cellsites for better services, I think it is better move to nationalize a major service such as the internet. Our nation is already run by multinationals, and lets face it. Internet is becoming as much a requirement as food and water. Being at the mercy of foreigners for such a big service as communication is not good for us. Nationalization because opening of our doors to international companies “is a matter of national interest that is NOT for the benefit of the public”.

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