China Telecom Tapped To Become 3rd Telco Player

by John Nieves  December 11, 2017

Photo via AFP

The gov’t hopes to break the duopoly of PLDT and Globe

After San Miguel Corp’s aborted telco launch with Australian player Telstra, the government is eyeing a new player to break the duopoly of ruling telcos PLDT and Globe.

According to Communications Secretary Martin Andanar, the Chinese government has selected China Telecom to invest in the Philippines. This was earlier disclosed by Eliseo Rio, the current acting Secretary of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT).

China Telecom Corporation Ltd is one of the two interested parties in setting up a third telco in the Philippines, with the other one being China Mobile Limited.

China Telecom Corporation Ltd is the second largest telecommunications company in China, and currently has 215 million mobile subscribers, 123 million broadband subscribers, and 127 million access lines as of end-2016.

Of course, China Telecom cannot set up shop in the Philippines alone, and will need a local partner just like SMC and Telstra. According to our constitution, only companies that have 60% Philippine ownership can operate as a public utility.

“Kailangan mo nga iyong makikipag-partner doon sa hindi pipitsugin, at of course iyong mayroon nang telecom franchise,” Andanar said.

“Minamadali na ito ng gobyerno natin sapagka’t habang tumatagal eh nabubuwisit ang mga kababayan natin sa mga dropped calls at mabagal na internet,” he added.

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    215 mobile subscribers? Ang konti lang naman pala. Hindi ba macocompromise yung privacy natin dyan sa china telecom? ?

    How many years do you think pldt globe build their network in this archapelago country. Decades!!!! Do you think putting up towers and cellsites are that easy? Yes easy to say. Even sun cellular, wireless arm of digitel didnt even last a decade competing. Due to its lack of frequency and less towers that are even colocated with dotc buildings. If the 3rd player come up even if is 100% outsider owned, they will still have a hard time completing its network here in the ph. So goodluck

    Hi Otaku, I think na misconception po kayo… Do you know that PLDT hold 400 MHz and Globe holds 325 MHz frequency. Towers are only a repeaters not each of them has different frequencies… And there are still thousands of frequencies left… This is a very good start for us to break down the duopoly in our country… And Change is coming! Supporting duterte’s Idea! Thank you Mr. President at MABUHAY KAYO!!!!

    Technically, towers don’t only contain repeaters. There are other things. Towers are carefully thought of and designed to use carrier frequencies. If you map out the towers, they look like bee hives. There are many frequencies telcos use but they can not use the same set of frequencies on adjacent towers or else unpredictable results will occur. May math formulas yan sa pag design ng distances ng towers if the designers will use the same set of frequencies. Tawag dyan frequency reuse.

    So kung availability ang pag uusapan, meron pa.

    And, if i’m not mistaken, nakahanap na ng paraan ang mga researchers para magamit ang same freq sa magkalapit na towers. I forgot what its called but one needs knowlege about advance engineering math to understand how it became possible. But its not yet implemented, i think.