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Horizon Zero Dawn Takes Center Stage at TGS 2016

Announced at E3 2015, Horizon: Zero Dawn has been making gamers ooh-and-ahh when a new trailer and gameplay footage was shown at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo for the third-person action game by makers of the Killzone franchise, Guerrilla Games. This was one of the titles we were hoping to see at the Tokyo Game Show and today, developers from the company took center stage to talk about the game that’s set to be released in February of next year.


If you haven’t heard of the game, it features a female protagonist named Aloy — a hunter in what initially seems to be set in the stone age, much like the recently released game by Ubisoft — Far Cry Primal, as she leaves her tribe to uncover the secrets of the world. Despite most of the gameplay showing Aloy in wide open spaces with her bow and staff, Horizon: Zero Dawn actually has a post-apocalyptic setting 1,000 years into the future where machines rule; making humans return to their roots as hunter/gatherers. The creatures that Aloy hunt are actually robots themselves bearing a resemblance to animals in both appearance and behavior; each creature carrying components for her to upgrade her arsenal and help her with bigger baddies later on with the game’s crafting system. You can also hack into certain creatures to be able to use them for transportation using Aloy’s staff.


Horizon: Zero Dawn has an open world and allows you to progress through the game at your own time, but the quests featured at TGS 2016 mostly dealt with hunting packs of robotic creatures making a mess out of neighboring settlements and points to a larger issue that something is corrupting them in order to hunt down humans. We’ve been trying to scour other sources as to what the general plot of the game would be down the line, but if we were to venture a guess — it would be that you eventually have to hunt down the cause of this so-called corruption in the ruins of an urban setting. Check out the Horizon Zero Dawn trailer released in TGS — It’s in Japanese, but you’ll get the gist of it and ooh-and-ahh like we did.

We can’t wait for this game to come out, but alas we’ll have to wait till February 29, 2017 and hope that the release date doesn’t get pushed back like the other games in Sony Interactive Entertainment’s pocket — *cough, cough* Last Guardian. It also makes us drool over the Playstation 4 Pro even more now, because the 4K version is truly beautiful.

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