IKEA and ASUS ROG Team Up To Produce “Affordable” Gaming Furniture

by Unbox Staff  September 14, 2020

There are even more reasons to get excited for IKEA’s grand opening in the Philippines next year: the Swedish maker of affordable home furniture has announced that they’re partnering with iconic gaming brand ROG to produce “affordable gaming furniture accessories”. 

The partnership has already kicked off in IKEA’s Product Development Centre in China, Shanghai. As a starting point for the product development process, IKEA and ROG designers and engineers held several workshops together with professional gamers and gaming lovers in Shanghai to explore the home furnishing needs of gamers and identify the list of functions needed to secure high-quality gaming experience at home.

The range is expected to have 30 products, though it was not disclosed which products they’ll produce. It’s also a little difficult to visualize how both companies will be able to produce affordable gaming accessories as well. While IKEA is known for producing stylish products at low prices, the ROG products are usually priced at a premium above the offerings of their competitors, from their mice, keyboard, and their gaming chairs. It’s also hard to visualize IKEA integrating a gamer aesthetic to its products, as gamer aesthetic in 2020 usually means RGB – and a lot of it.

In any case, IKEA and ASUS ROG’s specialized line of gaming furniture is expected to launch in China on February 2021 followed by the US, and in other regions by October 2021. There is no word if and when the results of the collaboration between the two companies will arrive in the Philippines at a later date.


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