Toyota is Bringing Back the Liteace in the Philippines

by Jal Cutaran  May 12, 2022

Toyota Motor Philippines is bringing back the Liteace. If things go as planned, the company should be able to launch it next month or even earlier.Toyota is Bringing Back the Liteace in the Philippines

According to our reliable source, the iconic nameplate will make a return but probably in a different form. Having said that, it means that the Liteace may no longer be a compact van. Instead, it will relaunch as a commercial vehicle in the Philippines; something that would compete against the Suzuki Carry.

Be that as it may, we are still hoping a van version would be launched. Liteace was once very popular in the Philippines, especially in the late 80s. However, Toyota decided to replace it with a bigger model, which is the Hiace we know today. 

Toyota is Bringing Back the Liteace in the Philippines

Chances for a van version are slim though, as we already have the Toyota Avanza. But then again, if Toyota wants to compete with the Suzuki Carry, why not compete with the Suzuki APV as well? No other car is more fit to rival the Suzuki APV than the Toyota Liteace. 

Anyway, should the 2022 Liteace launch as a small commercial vehicle just like the Suzuki Carry, it will certainly not be competing with the Toyota Hilux IMV1 or the cab and chassis model. That means it will be cheaper than Php 843,000 which is the SRP of the Hilux IMV1.


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    There is a lite ace van in AustralAisa, and Asia… Lite Ace Noah. I got one in one of those Malinta Auctions and they’re worth every penny. The engine purrs even if it’s diesel. I still have it but since there is no support for parts it has kind of got neglected. I really love this Van.

    I once had a 1996 red Lite Ace bought second hand in 2007. I really loved it. I sold it after two years as I find the maintenance harder as parts were hard to find and therefore need modification. I wish that Toyota Philippines would offer it again even though it is a rebadged Daihatsu Gran Max. I’ve seen it on pictures. I envy Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and other neighboring countries that has it in their market. I, like some others like the minivan one box design. The Avanza and others do not appeal to me. For now, I have a red glx Suzuki APV 2017 model. I love it also. It is the only design that appealed to me. The Suzuki Carry Van (Microbus) is unfortunately not offered here like in Indonesia. We are only offered the FB body which is useful but UGLY and OUTDATED design wise.

    I hope toyota will produce an mpv that is not too compact like the innova. Something like a smaller grandia that is not too luxurious and has too many electronics. Something like that is too dependent on service center. Not a compact- sardines like 8 seater van

    “Toyota decided to replace it with a bigger model, which is the Hiace ”

    Sorry, but The Hiace did not replace the liteace coz it actually came before it. My Grandma owned a ’76 Hi-Ace.

    Hope toyota addresses/corrects the common overheating of engine since it is installed under the driver’s seat which is difficult to maintain.

    I have a Toyota Liteace van model 1996 which I bought in July 2006 from a second hand shop which converted from right to left-hand drive. Because I liked it until now it’s still in my possession, in fact this coming July 2022 it will be on the 16th year to renew its registration. The engine revs powerful coz of its higher torque due to bigger clutch shaft. I have no problem of replacement parts due to its availability in the second hand shops selling original spare parts here in Cebu province. The only problem is heat, the engine is right under the driver’s seat. I suggest Toyota to redesign van type to forward its engine.