Daily Tech Drivers: Prince De Guzman and AWIE

Daily Tech Drivers: Prince De Guzman and AWIE

The Philippine cosplay scene boasts many talented individuals, but few capture hearts quite like Awie and Prince De Guzman. This real-life couple isn’t just known for their skills, but also their collaborative passion for bringing beloved characters to life, often side-by-side.

Their cosplay journey began separately, with Awie drawn to vibrant anime heroines and Prince captivated by chilling horror icons. Yet, their paths converged, and they discovered a joy in cosplaying together, supporting and inspiring each other. From Awie’s stunning Max Mayfield to Prince’s terrifying Vecna (Stranger Things), their cosplays showcase not only individual talent but also a beautiful synergy. The story of their daily tech drivers mirrors their passion for cosplay – each gadget has a unique story behind it that shows just how much this cosplay power couple has supported each other through the years. 

Take the Canon M50 mirrorless camera that they primarily use to shoot with. This camera is special to both of them because it’s the first real investment that they made for their content creation journey. See before the M50, Prince vlogged with Awie’s Samsung J7 Pro, a capable phone in its own right but one that wasn’t meant for the kind of content creation that they had in mind. But even with the equipment handicap, Awie and Prince still managed to amass 1 million views in a few weeks with content they filmed with it during Toycon, which allowed them to buy the Canon M50 in the first place. While the couple owns other more expensive cameras from a variety of brands, the Canon M50 holds a special place in their heart because it’s the first real investment they made with the money they earned from vlogging. 

Awie does all her editing on a MacBook Pro, but like the Canon M50, her Macbook Pro has a sweet story behind it. When Awie first started vlogging, she did all of her editing on Prince’s beat-up Samsung laptop. And when we say beat up, we mean it – it had a giant, black mass of dead pixels on the screen, the display was coming apart on the hinge, and aside from that, it was extremely slow. It was so slow that Awie literally cried in frustration while using it one time, which motivated Prince to get her something newer, faster, and hopefully didn’t explode while Awie was using it. So he went out and bought her a MacBook Pro, which she now uses as her main laptop.

As for Prince, his main laptop is a ROG Strix. It’s Prince’s third laptop so far, and unlike other significant others, Awie was the one who persuaded Prince to get the best model possible for himself. The ASUS ROG Strix might be marketed as a gaming laptop, but it’s a great content creation machine as well thanks to its accurate, 2K screen as well as a discrete GPU which makes short work of rendering videos. 

Everyone had a purchase that kept them sane during the pandemic. For Awie and Prince, it was a pair of the hottest consoles at the time, the Nintendo Switch. Awie’s Switch is a Pink Switch Lite, a color that you couldn’t get in the Philippines at the time, while Prince’s was a special Pokemon Edition. The couple bonded over the pandemic while playing Animal Crossing on their respective handhelds, with Prince staying up late just to fish in the game. 

As for Prince’s phone of choice? It’s an iPhone 14 Pro Max. It’s a dependable smartphone to shoot content with but more importantly, it holds a lot of memories of the couple inside of it. 

Awie and Prince De Guzman are more than just cosplayers; they’re storytellers, artists, and a driving force in the Philippine cosplay community. Their love for the craft, for each other, and for connecting with fans shines through in everything they do. Whether it’s their meticulously crafted costumes, their infectious enthusiasm, or their willingness to share their techniques, they inspire countless others to embrace the magic of cosplay.

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