25% Off Selected iPhone 5 Cases at Beyond the Box

25% Off Selected iPhone 5 Cases at Beyond the Box

Beyond the Box Promo: Shop Beyond!

iPhone 5 cases on 25% Sale!

So you lined up for hours yesterday to get your new iPhone 5 and then you make the mistake of accidentally dropping it. Scratched sides. Chipped aluminum. Broken screen. Boo. This is why it’s always a good decision to get a good case for your smartphone, especially one as fragile as the iPhone 5. The good news is that one of my favorite Apple Resellers, Beyond the Box, is holding a 25% Sale on selected iPhone 5 cases starting tonight. The catch though is that you have to visit their store past 12 midnight (they’re open 24 hours).

From what I saw on the poster, the participating brands are Musubo, Whatever it Takes, Speck, and Hex. During the latest Unbox Video Podcast we tackeld three of these cases so we’ll just do a quick rundown so you guys get a better idea if you should make that midnight trip to Beyond the Box later.


Musubo Retro

Musubo has several types of cases. The one on the poster though is their “Retro” model which is basically a throwback to the old-looking microphones that musicians used in the 80’s. It offers pretty good protection since the case actually has a polycarbonate shell and a silicone skin. Not bad right? Not sure about the price though, I think it was around Php1,200 (so at 25% that goes down to Php900). By the way, we’ve featured the same model for the iPhone 4/4S already last year when it first came out.

Whatever It Takes

When you buy this you also give to charity. Yay.

This is one of my personal favorite brands for accessories. Whatever It Takes doesn’t only give you good looking cases designed by celebrities, they also get a certain percentage of the money you pay for it and give it to charity. Unfortunately I can’t remember the price anymore but it should around Php1,000-Php1,250 as well.

We’ve reviewed their Notebook (laptop) wrap before. Click here to read.



Last, but not the least, we have Speck. They have a variety of cases that you can pick from! I haven’t actually used one for my iPhone yet but I’ve been a huge fan of their iPad cases (pixel skin, candy shell, etc).

If you’re not happy with any of the three brands I just mentioned, don’t forget that Beyond the Box also carries other popular brands like Otterbox which provides maximum rugged protection for your iDevices. Click here to watch our drop test of the iPad Mini and click here to watch our drop test of the iPhone 5. Unfortunately Otterbox is not included in the 25% sale but we can attest and vouch for the quality of their cases.

For more information about Beyond the Box, click here to visit their Facebook page.

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