3 Must-have Apps for your New iPhone 5

3 Must-have Apps for your New iPhone 5

A lot of Pinoys are getting their iPhone 5 units from Smart and Globe tonight and even more tomorrow. We thought it best to come up with a series of articles that will help you maximize your new toy! First up we’re doing a list of some of our favorite apps that aren’t really that well-known yet locally. These are really good finds though and we highly recommend them.

Fantastical ($1.99)

Fantastical is the best iOS calendar app that we’ve ever tried. It’s fast, friendly, and smart. You can type in “Dinner with wife tomorrow” and it will slot it in your calendar. It also supports voice dictation if you’re too lazy to type, hehe. Lastly, it just looks amazing. Thanks to Dale for recommending this to us.

Clear ($1.99)

There are a lot of To-Do type apps in the App Store but Clear is definitely one of the best ones out there. It looks great (fits well with the design and UX of Apple) and it’s very simple and intuitive to use. It also has a Mac version so you can sync everything across different devices.

in:play (free)

One of the best music player apps on iOS

in:playis my personal favorite music player app for iOS. This was recommended to me by one of my officemates (Hi DC) and after installing it I’ve never gone back to the default music player (except to make playlists). What makes in:play awesome is that it just takes away the clutter and makes it easy and intuitive for you to enjoy your music on your phone. Definitely giving this one two thumbs up!

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Of course there are still a lot of other good apps out there that you should get like Pulse, Flipboard, Songza, Evernote, Angry Birds Star Wars, Walking Dead, Dead Trigger, KingdomRush, Dropbox, Infinity Blade (1 and 2), Avengers Initiative… and the list goes on and on. We just wanted to highlight the three apps above because not everyone is enjoying them yet. We’ll compile more lists and post them here soon! Enjoy your new iPhone 5 folks!

Btw, if you haven’t watched it yet check out our latest video podcast episode below where we did an in-depth review of the iPhone 5 followed by an interview with Joe Chua, Smart’s Assistant Product Manager for Postpaid.

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