3 Reasons Why We’re Excited For The Huawei GR5 (2017)

3 Reasons Why We’re Excited For The Huawei GR5 (2017)

A few days ago we gave you our first look at Huawei’s latest mid-range phone, the newly refreshed GR5 (2017). Known as the Honor 6X in the US and the Mate Lite in China, it’s the most affordable dual-camera smartphone in the Chinese company’s stable. While we’re still only a few days in the review cycle, we’re already pretty pumped about the new GR5 with our short time with it. Here’s the 3 reasons why we’re excited with the phone:

Dual-camera setup gives creative photographers more options

2017 is shaping up to be the year of the dual-camera, and for good reason – two cameras are better than one, and gives photographers access to a whole new toolset when taking snaps. Two cameras – a 12-megapixel main camera and a 2-megapixel secondary camera for depth information – allows users to add artificial software bokeh to shots after they’ve been taken, replicating the effect of a lens that has a f/16 lens to a f/0.9 lens. Obviously the effect is added via software, and not all shots benefit from this feature, but at least it’s there, and if you know how to maximize it you can probably take some pretty sick shots with it.

Battery life looks to be a winner

Battery life is increasingly becoming one of the biggest concerns of users when considering mobile phones, and we’re happy to see that manufacturers are starting to put in higher capacity batteries in their devices moving forward. The 2017 GR5 is no exception, and while it’s not a phone with a massive battery, the 3340mAh juicer in the device surprised us quite a bit when we used it yesterday. After charging it to 100%, the phone retained around 40% of its battery life at the end of the working day – that’s with moderate use, mind you. We’re honestly surprised at the battery endurance of this phone.

Looks much more expensive that it actually is

Huawei’s mid-range phones have always punched above their weight when it came to design and build quality, and this year’s GR5 is no exception. The phone sports a metal body that wouldn’t look out of place on a much more expensive device. The build-quality is also top-notch, without a single gap in sight on the phone. It’s a pretty solid device all around, something that you wouldn’t expect from a mid-range device.

We’re still in the midst of our review cycle for the new GR5, but from the looks of it, Huawei has another winner in its hands. You can expect our review of this particular phone to drop by next week, and we have a surprise in store for you guys when the review finally goes online. Until then, you can read our initial review of the device here.

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