4 Great Buys From Henry’s Massive Sale

4 Great Buys From Henry’s Massive Sale

Here’s 4 things you might want to take a look at

Earlier today we told you about the massive sale that Henry’s Professional is having in their online store. But like any clearance sale, it takes a fair bit of combing through their website to see what deals are worth having. We did our own digging today out of curiosity (much to the chagrin of our wallets) and found a few nice finds that may interest you, our readers.

Keep in mind that many of the products here are a little dated and may not appeal to pros who are already rocking the latest gear. This list is for camera newbies who are probably looking for a decent snapper that they can play with on the weekends. With that being said, let’s go!

DJI OSMO Php 24,675

DJI’s stabilized video gimbal, the OSMO, is a god send for people looking to shoot clean, smooth 4K video on the move. We’ve tested and used the OSMO in several of our videos involving cars, and we have to say it’s a pretty awesome and relatively cost-effective way of shooting stabilized video short of buying a dedicated gimbal for SLRs like the Ronin.

At Php 24,675, you’re getting two batteries with your purchase which is important since the OSMO goes through batteries like crazy when you’re shooting. Just make sure you’re plugging in microSD cards that can has fast read and write speeds, and you’re golden.

You can see the listing here. 

DJI OSMO Mobile Php 13,800

If you’re not feeling the OSMO and have a kick-ass smartphone for shooting video like the Huawei P10 Plus or the Galaxy S8, you might want to take a look at the OSMO Mobile. It basically acts like its older brother, stabilizing video so the shots you take aren’t jerky and annoying, but the built-in camera has been taking out, leaving room for a smartphone to be placed instead. This means better battery life overall since the batteries are only now just powering the gimbal and future expandability as you upgrade your phone into a better model down the line. The only niggle here is that it comes in eye-catching silver, and not the usual low-key black that we like. 

You can see the listing here.

Sony Alpha A35 with 18-55MM and 55-200MM lens Php 10,000

While Sony has been killing it with their new mirror-less models, the company also dabbled with actual DSLRs a few years ago. One such camera is the Sony Alpha A35, which uses a funky transparent mirror system that allowed it to enjoy fast AF for its time. Henry’s Professional is offering the Sony Alpha A35 (which came out in 2011-ish) with not one, but two lenses when you buy it – a 18-55mm lens for general work, and a 55-200mm lens if you need a bit more reach when you’re shooting. At Php 10,000 it’s a great deal for beginners who want to learn basic photography.

You can see the listing here.

Fujifilm X-M1 mirrorless camera Php 14,000

If you’re looking to jump into mirrorless cameras and Fuijifilm’s ecosystem in general, the X-M1 mirrorless camera may just be the ticket. This particular shooter has a 16.3-megapixel CMOS sensor as well as full HD video recording, WiFi connectivity and comes with an XC 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS lens upon purchase. It has that nice retro look going for it as well, which is the hallmark of Fuji’s camera offerings.

You can see the listing here. 

That’s it! Hopefully you guys can grab these deals before it’s picked up by other people.


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