AKG K3003 Reference Class 3-way Earphones

The Granddaddy of Earphones!

AKG K3003 Reference Class 3-way Earphones

Every single part of the AKG K3003 is elegant, powerful, and just on a completely different level. The housing is chiseled from one piece of brushed stainless steel which not only makes it look ridiculously good but it also protects what’s inside. The AKG K3003 packs hybrid drivers (dynamic and two balanced-armature) in each earphone. What does this give? Ultra low distortion, unbelievably accurate mids, and pristine crystal-clear highs.

AKG K3003 Reference Class 3-way Earphones Teaser Video

How much? A whopping $1435 USD or a little over Php60,000.


You know the good news? We have a demo unit courtesy of AKG Philippines with us! Unboxing and the full review next week! 🙂

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