Apple iPhone October 4 Event Confirmed (iPhone 5 and 4s?)

Apple iPhone October 4 Event Confirmed (iPhone 5 and 4s?)

Media Invite for Oct. 4 Event

Apple finally released media invites for their highly anticipated event on October 4. Blogs, banks, analysts, news sites, and fans are all saying that Apple will finally unveil the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4s. The invite pretty much confirms that the event is all about the iPhone and it hints at one particular feature that 9 to 5 Mac broke on their site — the Assistant, a voice navigation system that will change the way you use your mobile phone.

iPhone 5 Artist Render from MacRumors

New Design and Spec Upgrade for the iPhone 5

Other than the Assistant there’s a lot of buzz about the new design of the next generation iPhone. It should be thinner and it will be sporting a bigger display. In terms of hardware it will probably have the dual-core A5 processor, 1GB of RAM (that’s a lot), and an 8MP camera.

We’ll post updates as we get them.

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