ASUS Hints At Possible Gaming Phone, Confirms Q2 Arrival For Android Go-powered Devices

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Who better than the experts at gaming to make a gaming phone?

ASUS has hinted at a possible gaming phone to rival the recent releases of Xiaomi and Razer during an interview with its global executives yesterday.

“Gaming is the trend, and definitely we want to be leading in the future this I can promise,” Jerry Shen, ASUS Global CEO said yesterday when we asked the possibility of a gaming phone from the Taiwanese company that would rival the offerings of Xiaomi and Razer.

“We push the boundaries of phones for many technologies. AI, AR this kind of technology push into the major generation. But special group like gaming, we are the one that define this group and we are the expert in this field,” Shawn Chang, ASUS Global Product Smartphone Product Strategy said.

“In 2006 we were the first one to define the gaming notebook. I think for the smartphone, we will define [it],” Shen added.

While ASUS released a ROG-themed ZenFone 2 Deluxe three years ago, Razer was the first gaming company to release their take on the “gaming phone” with specialized features like a 120Hz display.

While the company did not comment on a timeline when the gaming phone would be unveiled, Mr. Chang said that it would be important to tune in during COMPUTEX this year.

COMPUTEX is a yearly trade show held in Taipei, Taiwan where the company traditionally announces its new products.

ASUS’ plans for a gaming phone has been doing the rounds, first appearing during the run-up to Mobile World Congress held earlier this year.

ASUS also confirmed the possible release window for their own Android Go-powered ZenFones, with Lenny Lin, ASUS PH product manager commenting an end of Q2 release window.


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