Aviiq Smart Case for the iPad

by Carlo Ople  March 24, 2012

Aviiq Smart Case for the iPad

Aviiq Smart Case for the iPad

One of my favorite gadget stores, Beyond the Box, is having a weekly sale on their wares during weekends when it’s past midnight (they’re open 24 hours during weekends). I dropped by last night around 2AM and found a really good deal for the Aviiq Smart Case for the iPad. This usually sells for Php2,650 but they slashed 50% off the price bringing it down to just Php1,325. Not a bad deal for a back case that’s made from rugged plastic encased in a solid aluminum plate that’s anodized to match the color of your Smart Cover!

By the way this fits both the iPad 2 and the new iPad (2012). Check out some of the photos we took of the case:

You have access to all the ports and controls.
The grayish frame is made from rugged plastic. The blue is anodized aluminum. They have different colors to match your Smart Cover.
It adds a bit of weight to the iPad but it gives good protection and style so I don't really mind.

Aviiq released a promotional video of this case which you can watch below:

Pricing and Availability

Standard SRP is Php2,650. This weekend you can get it at 50% off if you go to Beyond the Box in One Rockwell past midnight. If you want to stand out and be unique with your iPad then you might want to get one of these cases. Not everyone really spends more than Php2,500 for back cases so this is an opportunity for you to get a really premium back case for half the price.

For more inquiries you might want to check out the Facebook Page of Beyond the Box.

PS: Click here to check out our Unboxing of the new iPad.

Looking for the New iPad?

You can now buy the New iPad through credit card, Paypal, mobile, and over-the-counter bank deposits via Multiply Marketplace. The Wi-Fi version starts at P23,800.00 while the 3G version starts at P30,300.00. Check out the prices on all variants at their special order page today!

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