The Bose Ultra Open Earbuds also Clips to your Ear

The Bose Ultra Open Earbuds also Clips to your Ear

Huawei has set a new design trend for wireless audio products with the FreeClip. It’s open-air design that clips onto your ears is meant to be more hygienic than conventional in-ear designs, and our experience with the FreeClip surprised us with the audio quality it has to offer despite its funky design.


It was simply a matter of time before other brands will follow through, and Bose is one of them with the Ultra Open Earbuds. Similar to the FreeClip, the Ultra Open Earbuds also employ an open-air design that has the earbuds clip into you ears. The point of this design is to allow users to be aware of their surroundings while being able to listen to their content.

You also get the same U-shaped design like the FreeClip, though the Ultra Open Earbuds make use of a soft rubber material to let them stay on your ears securely. The Ultra Open Earbuds uses Bose’s OpenAudio tech, which projects audio directly to your ear canal by using a transducer and a customized acoustic structure to minimize leakage. Despite its open ear design, the Ultra Open also has Bose’s Immersive Audio, so you can enjoy spatial audio with them.

Being top-tier TWS earbuds, the Ultra Open supports Snapdragon Sound, along with Bluetooth 5.3 and automatic volume adjustment based on ambient noise and Google Fast Pair.

The Ultra Open Earbuds are priced at $299(~Php 17k) and available starting today in the US. There’s no word yet if Bose will bring the Ultra Open Earbuds to the Philippines.

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