CMF Teases Design of Upcoming Buds and Neckband Pro

CMF Teases Design of Upcoming Buds and Neckband Pro

Just months after launching as an affordable sub-brand of Nothing, CMF is adding two more products to its portfolio, and both are focused on audio: they are the entry-level Buds and the Neckband Pro.

Staying consistent with CMF’s theme, the Buds and Neckband Pro will have a bright orange color, though other teaser photos reveal a more subtle white color option. Common between the Buds and Neckband Pro is a silver accent on a circle-shaped part of the product.

On the Buds, the silver portion appears to be part of the case. The Buds aim to be a more affordable version of the Buds Pro, with CMF claiming that it will have the best ANC quality in its class.

The other product–which is more interesting, is the Neckband Pro. It’s claim to fame is that it is the first neckband-type wireless earphones to offer hybrid ANC that can cancel up to 50db of noise. We rarely hear about neckband-type wireless earphones these days, but the design on the Neckband Pro might be a running candidate as the best-designed product by CMF. 

CMF will be unveiling both products on November 5, which is also the day that Nothing will unveil the Phone (2a). As for pricing, expect these products to be affordable–for reference, the Buds Pro are priced at Php 2,590.

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