DICT Orders Mandatory Unlocking of Phones After Lock-In Period

by Duey Guison  December 16, 2018

This gives greater flexibility to subscribers

No need to worry about phones being locked to a certain network: recently, DICT issued an order requiring all phones to be unlocked after the telco provider’s lock-in period. In the Memorandum Order they have issued, subscribers “can demand to mandatorily unlock their phones and devices on convenient sites, facilities, and processes” as long as they complete their lock-in period with no outstanding obligations.

“This is an additional Christmas gift of this administration to the Filipino telco subscribers,” DICT Acting Secretary Eliseo M. Rio Jr said. “While we empower the industry through the entry of the new major player, we are also pushing for pro-consumer measures.”

Following the issuance of a memorandum order, NTC will be holding consultations and hearings once the rules and regulations have been drafted.


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