Exploring Balesin with the OPPO F7

Exploring Balesin with the OPPO F7

A quick tour at one of the most exclusive destinations in the Philippines!

Over the weekend, we were invited to participate in Epson’s annual Fusion event at Balesin Island Club in Polilio, Quezon. Being assigned to cover this event, I made sure that I get to explore the place amidst the hectic (but fun activities) during Fusion IX.

Touchdown at Balesin Island. Of course, a selfie is required since it is my first time here.

Being a first timer at this exclusive island, it was a must for people like me to go on a tour exploring the different facilities and villages of Balesin. Being a 500-hectare island, the in-island jeeps and vans took care of us in exploring every nook and cranny of the exclusive island.

Got Php 350,000 to spare? You can book the Balesin Royal Villa for one night if you are feeling extra generous (PSA: the fee only covers the venue).


Yes, there’s an aviary in the island, where they house various bird species from Imperial pigeons to Red Macaws that roam around the island.


With TheFanboySEO’s Earl Maghirang during the morning tour.

From the seven villages, I had a good amount of time exploring they Mykonos and Phuket villages during the morning tour and the free time allotted to us (before all the craziness during the Fusion games). If I were to be asked, practically every spot is Instagrammable, and all you have to do is to “strategize” which villages to prioritize for your photoshoots.

For the majority of those visiting the island, the Mykonos village is one of the top destinations here in Balesin island.


It has to be the Mykonos village’s color motif of white and dark blue that attracts most of the visitors here in Balesin Island.


If you love pizza, or miss watching Dolce Amore (yes, that show featuring Liza Soberano), the Toscana village is a must-visit for those who love Italian architecture.

While villages like the Toscana, Costa Del Sol, St. Tropez, and Mykonos villages are the popular spots in Balesin, I do think that the Asian villages (namely Phuket, Balesin, and Bali—where we stayed during Fusion 9) are underrated in the sense that their seaside views offer a unique look. The F7’s 16-megapixel F/1.8 rear camera definitely delivers, as it produced detailed shots with good exposure. Safe to say, it is one of the best single rear camera smartphones in the mid-range segment

The Bali Village has a seaside view that makes you feel that you are LITERALLY outside of the Philippines.


At one corner of Phuket village are two white sand beaches. While it is easy to cross from one beach to another during low tide, Balesin island does not recommend it, as the waters have deadly marine species plying around.


The villas in the Phuket village offer a unique view with their distinct Thai architecture. Taking selfies with the F7 together with such Instagrammable architecture is an easy task with the F7’s 25-megapixel AI-assisted front camera.

To cap off our stay on the island, the guys at Epson treated us to a sunset cruise aboard the M/Y Obsession. This chartered yacht toured us around the island while we enjoyed viewing the sunset.

With my roommates Mark Macanas (TechPinas) and Neil Jimenez (Gizguide).


This is the life, they say.

As the clock hit 5:45PM, we were greeted by an unforgettable sunset view.

And the F7 gets the job done in capturing that beautiful sunset.

Three days on the island feels a bit short, but I am nonetheless thankful to Epson for bringing us to Balesin for Fusion 9. We can’t wait what they have in store for Fusion 10 next year!

Another item ticked off my bucket list!


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