Faulty Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Causes Php 63,383 Worth of Damage to Hotel Room

Faulty Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Causes Php 63,383 Worth of Damage to Hotel Room

Note7Crushader 002
Photo from the Reddit Post of Crushader

Last week, we reported about Samsung issuing a global recall for their newest flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, after 35 cases of the phone overheating and/or exploding while charging due to what the Korean brand is calling faulty battery cells. Samsung has done its own internal investigation and found that 24 out of a million Galaxy Note 7 units are a fire risk and have promised customers that have bought the device a replacement in the coming weeks. It seems an Australian man has missed this important news tidbit about his new device and has incurred a massive hotel bill as his Note 7 fizzed, popped open, and went up in flames while he was on a business trip that caused $1800 AUD or Php 63,383 worth of damage.

Crushader, his alias on Reddit, took to the social site to tell his tale:

My brand new Note 7 exploded this morning while I was still asleep, it was plugged in and charging.

Phone completely fried, I can’t eject the sim tray to retrieved my sim or the SD card. I was using original charger and cable if you are wondering. Charred the hotel room bed sheet and the carpet when I whacked it down to the floor, burnt one of my finger while doing that too.

They told me this is the first case in Australia.

Crushader has since then gone to the Samsung store and has a gotten a loaner device while waiting for his replacement. More importantly though Samsung said they will be footing the bill for the said damages to his hotel room.

Note7Crushader 001
Photo from the Reddit Post of Crushader

If there are any of you out there still hanging on to your Note 7 despite the reports or if you have friends and family that are, please share the news about Samsung’s global recall and head to the local telco or store you or they’ve bought the device from. 24 out of a million may sound like the odds are with you, but it’s best to play it safe on this one.

Click the links to check out Samsung’s Official Statement About the Global Recall of the Note 7, our Inital Review for the device, or the full review for the Korean brand’s flagship phablet.

Source: Gizmodo

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