First Shots with the Google Pixel 2: A Day Walking Around Greenhills

First Shots with the Google Pixel 2: A Day Walking Around Greenhills

The Google Pixel 2 at the Unbox HQ

A Quick Photo Walk with the Google Pixel 2

The camera and the software that automatically optimizes the photos is one of the best features of the Google Pixel 2. It’s so good that it was crowned the best camera on a smartphone by DXOMark. This is actually the reason why I pulled the trigger on buying one when it was finally available here in the Philippines via Widget City. To take this bad boy out for a test, I did a quick “photowalk” with my wife, sister, and godson earlier this afternoon at Greenhills mall. Check out the test shots below.

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Google Pixel 2 Camera Specs

  • 12-megapixel rear camera with f/1.8 aperture lens, laser AF, Dual Pixel phase detection, OIS, EIS
  • 8-megapixel front camera with f/2.4 lens

All shots were taken on Auto or Portrait mode. We retouched them slightly using Snapseed but nothing too complicated (adjusting Saturation, Sharpness, Shadows, etc). All shots were also resized for mobile for this post. Enjoy and don’t forget to read the captions!

Portrait Mode Samples

First we tested out the Portrait Mode. They used to call this “Lens Blur” in the original Pixel.

The lovely wifey! Using the Portrait mode for the creamy bokeh effect.
With the wifey, sister, and inaanak. As usual it’s so hard to get a good shot of kids!
When Portrait Mode fails.

Normal Shots on Auto

A couple of snaps of random stuff in Greenhills!

Ikaw na lang ang kulang. Lol.
Captain America statue in one of the toy shops.
Ended up buying this adidas NMD R1 Footlocker Exclusive. Haaay. There goes my money.
INFINITY GAUNTLET… piggy bank version.

Macro / Close Ups

When we used to camera to take shots up close.

Ant Man. This is part of the Captain America statue from earlier.
You can’t go to Greenhills and not eat at Leching. This is their legendary Spareribs Rice.
CENATION reprezent.

Initial Impressions: It’s a Fantastic Flagship Caliber Camera

So what are our initial impressions? Well it’s a no-frills camera that delivers outstanding photos. Unlike most cameras that have 2 lenses, the Pixel 2 relies on their software to be able to come up with the Bokeh shots. The software is also the one that enables the device to take great photos in various lighting conditions without having to tinker around too much with the settings. It’s a great everyday camera for people who just want to have better photos without going through heavy post processing.

Pro Tip: The Google Pixel gives you UNLIMITED HIGH QUALITY photo and video storage via Google Photos. This feature is overlooked and understated.

And that’s it for this post! Watch out for our full review of the Google Pixel 2 next week!

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