Fitbit Charge 3: It’s Here But What’s New?

Fitbit Charge 3 with Classic Bands. We totally meant to have one upside down. XD

Just in Time for the Holidays Too!

When you ask someone to give recommendations on a fitness tracker, we’re pretty sure that Fitbit will be one of the first — if not the first — to be mentioned. They are the world’s leading global wearables brand that’s given us a pretty good variety of devices to choose from, such as the Fitbit Versa or the Alta. Today, the brand announces the availability of the third iteration of one of their best selling devices — the Charge 3; a fitness tracker that said to last much longer than its previous model and is their smartest tracker yet.

But what can you expect out of the newest member of the Charge series? Let’s list down some of its more notable changes.

Sports Bands for more breath-ability and comfort.

It’s Lighter, Tougher, and It Looks Good Too

We think that Fitbit has always done a great job with their devices in terms of build quality and we’re glad to see that they made no compromises with the Charge 3. It’s now made up of aerospace-grade aluminum, which makes it 20-percent lighter than its predecessor, but has also made it tougher. The display is also protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 in case you take a bit of spill during a run.

Since they pretty much recommend keeping the Charge 3 on at all times so it can accurately track your stats, it’s important that it not only functions well but it looks good to fit your everyday apparel. There are a variety of bands you can purchase separately┬áthat can take you to the office, a sporting event, or maybe even a fancy night out as well. The straps range anywhere from Php 1,690 for the Sports Bands to Php 2,990 for the Horween Leather Bands. There are also Woven Heathered Bands for Php 2,090 if that’s your cup of tea.

Heathered Woven Bands

It Has a Bigger Screen

We mentioned the screen above but we failed to say that it’s now bigger than its predecessor. Now, we don’t have the exact measurements but, after some digging online, they say that’s at least 40-percent larger than the Charge 2. It’s still a Greyscale OLED display, which we’re guessing helps with battery life, but that also helps with sunlight legibility.

Aside from using the touchscreen, the Charge 3 also has an Inductive Button on its side to help with navigation. Yep, no physical key but it does provide a bit of haptic feedback; similar to the home buttons on the previous generations of iPhones.

Better Fitness Tracking

Now, the Charge 3 wouldn’t be much of a Fitness Tracker if it didn’t help you workout, so Fitbit made this one to help give you a better health and fitness experience. It has PurePulse heart tracking so you can measure your heart rate and know when to push yourself more or take a bit of a breather, plus there are 15 or more goal-based exercise modes to help you keep motivated on your road to fitness or so you push past your boundaries. For the ladies out there, there’s even Female Health tracking so you can monitor your monthly cycles and even your ovulation periods.

It Is Now Swimproof

One thing that was a bit of a bummer for folks looking to purchase one of the past Charge devices was the fact that it wasn’t waterproof, which meant that if you’re a triathlete or prefer to do laps in the pool to get your cardio in — the Charge series was a no-go. Well, thankfully, that’s something the brand remedied on the Fitbit Charge 3 that is now rated to be water resistant up to 50 meters.

Two More Days of Battery Life

We usually dread how often wearables need to be juiced up compared to one of our more traditional timepieces. The Charge 2 was rated by the company to last up to 5 days, which was already pretty impressive to other options out in the market, but the battery life of the Charge 3 surpasses that by 2 days; keeping your on a track for a week before it needs its to be plugged in.

Special Edition Fitbit Charge 3

How Much Is It?

I’m sure, if you’ve jumped into this part of the article, y’all are pretty interested in seeing how much the Fitbit Charge 3 is, right? If you’re looking to get one in either Black with a Graphite Aluminum Case or a Blue Gray with a Rose Gold Aluminum Case, they have a sticker price of Php 9,990. Again, you can purchase the different straps you see strewn in this article separately.

You can also purchase Special Edition Fitbit Charge 3’s at Php 10,990. It has Fitbit Pay enabled but also come with a different set of bands. You either get a Frost White Sports Band with the Graphite Case of a Lavender Woven Band with the Rose Gold one. You also get the Black Classic Band with each of them if you feel like swapping them out as well.

They should be available by the 3rd week of November.

We’re still going to check out what the Fitbit Charge 3 while we take it through its paces but, for now, you can check out our other Fitbit reviews by clicking on the links below:

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