Galaxy A54 Scores 107 in DxOMark, Behind 11T Pro By 1 Point

Galaxy A54 Scores 107 in DxOMark, Behind 11T Pro By 1 Point

As the Galaxy A54 appears to be a pseudo-Galaxy S23 FE, especially with the build and main camera upgrade, we’re curious about how it ranks in DxOMark. Granted that it’s just a mid-range device, we wonder how good that 50-megapixel main camera considering we’re generally happy with the shots we took during our quick review.

For DxOMark, they gave the Galaxy A54 a score of 107, which is a point below the Xiaomi 11T Pro and vivo X60 Pro–both from 2021 and several points above the Huawei P40.

Despite not being different with last year’s Galaxy A53 when it comes to photos, DxOMark points out that the Gaalxy A54’s improvements are more on the video side. As an upper mid-range device (or high-end according to DxOMark’s classification), the Galaxy A54 shines in taking landscape shots, providing good exposure and wide dynamic range in daylight and indoor shooting. While the Galaxy A54 performed well in most lighting conditions, DxOMark noted that it faced difficulties in low-light shooting, where it has difficulties taking photos of moving subjects.

Looking at the Galaxy A54’s score breakdown in video, Samsung’s upper mid-range phone shines in stabilization and noise, with the former being credited to the Galaxy A54’s updated OIS system.

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