Game On Valentines! ASUS Slashes the Prices of their ROG Laptops

Game On Valentines! ASUS Slashes the Prices of their ROG Laptops

Roses Are Red, Violets are Blue, Ryuu ga Waga teki wo Kurau!

That’s right, folks! Valentine’s Day may be officially over, but that doesn’t mean that your chances of making your late nights a little more exciting. ASUS and its gaming sub-brand, Republic of Gamers, invites us to get our game on in this month of hearts by offering their gaming laptops at a lower price point.

Their biggest ticket item that also received the biggest price cut int he Game On, Valentines Sale is the fabled ASUS ROG GX700. If you recall, the GX700 had a full-sized NVIDIA GTX980 and had a water-cooling dock to make sure that the heat of battle didn’t translate into CPU and GPU temperature spikes. The problem, of course, was the asking price of the gaming laptop. With the rumored release of its predecessor, the ROG GX800, the Taiwanese company is looking to offload some of their older stocks in time for the new model’s release. The ASUS ROG GX700’s initial asking price was set at Php 249,995 and has received a price cut of Php 100,000 (Yup. You read that right!), which brings it down to Php 149,995 until the 26th of February.

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ASUS is also offering up some of the ROG Gaming Laptops at a lower price point, so just in case you’re in the market for something to take around with you that has a little bit more oomph. If you find yourself on-the-go and constantly want to scratch an Overwatch or For Honor itch, you want want to consider these notebooks as well for Php 10k less than their original asking price.

  • ASUS ROG GL572VL: Php 79,996 Php 69,995
  • ASUS ROG GL502VT: Php 99,995 Php 89,995
  • ASUS ROG GL552VW and GL553VW: Php 64,995 Php 59,995

Remember, the ASUS ROG Game on, Valentines promo only lasts to the 26th of February. You may want to check out some of our reviews for these products, but don’t dilly-dally as they may run out of stock.


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