Goodbye OS X: Apple Welcomes MacOS 11 with Big Sur

Goodbye OS X: Apple Welcomes MacOS 11 with Big Sur

After almost two decades of developing OS X for its Mac products, Apple is finally entering a new era with MacOS 11, aka Big Sur. The major update, which is also designed as part of Apple’s transition to ARM-based Macs, comes with a brand new UI and changes to core apps.

The plethora of updates is headlined by Front and Center, which highlights Big Sur’s new UI. This comprises of new color schemes, transparency effects, and rounded corners for app windows, a translucent menu bar, full-height sidebar, floating dock, and updated app icons. The UI redesign does not stop there: you get updated sliders, sounds, and symbols, and new iconography across the operating system.

Big Sur also inherits iOS’ Control and Notification Center, with the former being customizable by pinning some features to the menu bar for easier access. The Notification Center, on the other hand, can be accessed by clicking the clock on the upper right corner.

Going to core apps, Messages on MacOS feels more like Messages on iOS with the redesigned search feature, access to effects for messages, the ability to create Memojis, group messaging, and GIF search.

Safari gets a new start page with customizable backgrounds, along with a claimed 50% better performance vs Google Chrome, which translates to better battery life—Apple quotes an additional 3 hours of video streaming and 1 hour of web browsing with this new version of Safari.

Maps also get iOS features like Guides for exploring places, Look Around for 360-degree view of destinations, and the ability to route cycling and electric vehicle trips from your Mac to your iPhone.

MacOS Big Sur is coming later this year. Compatible products include the following:

-MacBook (2015 and older)

-MacBook Air (2013 and later)

-MacBook Pro (Late 2013 and later)

-Mac mini (2014 and later)

-iMac (2014 and later)

-iMac Pro

-Mac Pro (2013 and later)



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