Google Chromebook

Google Chromebook

Google introduced a very interesting product called the Chromebook during their Google I/O event in the US. It’s a new kind of laptop loaded with the Chrome Operating System. It’s not powered by Windows 7 or Snow Leopard, it’s a completely new OS developed by Google. What makes it special? Google is harping on the fact that the Chromebook was built specifically for the web. All your documents, pictures, movies, songs, and games will be stored on the web via cloud technology. The Chromebook is just a machine that serves as a platform for the web content. Chromebooks will also be very competitively priced with some models going as low as $349 USD (less than Php20,000).

Here are some videos that you guys should definitely check out about the Chromebook:

Google Chromebook: Promotional Video

Google Chromebook: How it works

This looks like a pretty awesome blogging machine. I’m definitely thinking of getting one. If they made this as thin and portable as the MacBook Air I might just bite. Also hopefully SMART/Globe will be able to roll-out their LTE/HSDPA+ mobile technology soon so that it makes more sense to use machines like the Chromebook here in the Philippines.

The Chromebook is scheduled to hit stores in the US on June 15, 2011. Yes, barely a month away! For more photos and reviews of the demo units, check out Techcrunch.

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