Google Wants Beauty Filters to Be Turned Off By Default

Google thinks filtered selfies affect one's mental well-being

With phones having better cameras thanks to higher-resolution sensors and improved software algorithms, it is expected that people get to snap their most flattering selfies with it. While beauty filters do help level up one’s selfie game, Google thinks that filtered selfies can negatively affect one’s mental well-being based on their study.

In its post, Google explained that as a response to their study, they will be implementing people-centered guidelines especially when it comes to face retouching. One of its main recommendations is to turn off face retouching by default This is already implemented in Pixel phones starting with the Pixel 4A, 4A 5G and 5, and Google hopes other brands follow suit.

“The language of face retouching implies improving or correcting a person’s physical appearance – which suggests that the way they actually look is bad,” Google said in their people-centered guidelines.

Beyond implementing the feature on Pixel phones, apps like Snapchat are adopting Google’s initiative of turning off face retouching by default while they constantly update their camera features in bringing transparency to one’s selfies.

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