Google’s Daydream View A VR Headset That We’d Love To Wear

Google’s Daydream View A VR Headset That We’d Love To Wear


Google announced their new VR platform, Daydream, during their I/O conference back in May but details for the hardware for the new standard hasn’t been forthcoming the past few months. Well, that changes today – meet the Daydream View, their newest, most comfortable VR headset ever.

The Daydream View is quite different from the VR offerings of other companies – while the likes of Samsung have offered plastic, gadget-y looking VR headsets, Google has gone the opposite route. They consulted with clothing manufacturers in creating the headset, opting for soft fabrics instead of hard plastic for maximum comfort. The Daydream View comes with a small Wii-like remote control that have built-in gyros so you can use it in specially-made Daydream apps. It folds neatly into the headset when not in use, and pairs automatically with your phone for seamless VR integration.


Google’s new Pixel phones are the first ones to come with Daydream built-in, though the company says that other offerings from their other hardware partners will also come with Daydream when they launch in the future. The new VR headset is slated to retail for 80$, or around Php 3.8K.

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