The Magic V2 Also has a Good Deal with Home Credit

The Magic V2 Also has a Good Deal with Home Credit

HONOR has finally brought over the Magic V2 to the Philippines. Aside from being a leader as the thinnest foldable in the market at under 10mm unfolded, HONOR gave a very competitive price for the Magic V2 at Php 79,999. The surprises don’t end there: the pre-order deal is already good, and HONOR wants to make the Magic V2 more accessible through Home Credit as well.



As revealed during the launch last night (February 21), users can avail of Home Credit for 0% interest for up to 18 months with the Magic V2, where they will only need to pay Php 1719 monthly. The prerequisite of the Home Credit deal is that you pay a 60% downpayment, which translates to around Php 49k. From there, users will only need to pay Php 1719 for the next 18 months at 0% interest to fully pay for the Magic V2.

Why is it a big deal? It’s because it makes the Magic V2 more accessible than any other foldable that’s officially available in the Philippines. For reference, a Galaxy Z Fold5 with the same 512GB storage will need you to give a downpayment of Php 75,400–or around the official price of the Magic V2–if you avail of Smart’s Plan 1999.

Home Credit’s deal for the Magic V2 is also great for those who want their hands on a foldable phone and don’t plan on getting a postpaid plan to have better payment terms.

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  • vulbul , February 23, 2024

    Total payment would be 79,942. Still too much to spend on a foldable though. Wait for a year and see the price drop.

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