How to Spot a Faulty Galaxy Note 7 Battery

How to Spot a Faulty Galaxy Note 7 Battery

Samsung’s monumental, worldwide recall of their Galaxy Note 7 phablet is currently underway. If you’re an owner who still hasn’t returned your unit for replacement, then please, at your earliest convenience, drop off your Galaxy Note 7 through the proper channels. You don’t want your car or your room to get damaged, or worse, be destroyed in a blazing inferno, right? Right.

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Android Authority reports of a way to check whether your Galaxy Note 7 is safe to use, or is part of the batch with potentially explosive battery packs. Samsung’s Australian division has just published additional information on the recall process, which can help identify faulty batteries.

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Here’s how it goes, according to Android Authority:

New Note 7 units will feature a couple of distinctive marks on their retail box. Look for a “small black square on the white barcode” and a round sticker with the letter “S”. We marked them with red in this picture:
unbox-137-samsung-recall-processWhat if you don’t have the retail box for some reason? You will still be able to check if a Note 7 is safe by running its IMEI number through a Samsung website. This online database will go live once replacement units become available. In Australia, that will be from September 21.

You can take the phone’s unique IMEI number from its packaging (if available), or from the phone’s back, or from the device settings, by going to Settings > General > Status.

Even if the device box has the black square and “S” sticker, it’s probably best to run the IMEI number taken from the phone through Samsung’s database anyway, just to be extra sure.

According to the report, the box markings are similar in other markets, so you can still use the method if you bought your unit locally. Got a faulty battery? Send that Galaxy Note 7 over for replacement, quick!

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Source: Android Authority

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