Huawei to Push Through with Mate 30 Launch Despite Uncertain Fate with Android

Huawei to Push Through with Mate 30 Launch Despite Uncertain Fate with Android

Huawei remains optimistic of the situation

Huawei’s Mate 30 series will be unveiled on September 18 in Munich, and the brand is pushing through despite new reports that the phone won’t come pre-loaded with essential Google apps.

According to Reuters, a Google spokesperson said that Huawei’s extended temporary reprieve does not apply to new products like the Mate 30—which means that Huawei’s upcoming phablet flagship cannot be sold in stores with official Google apps and services on board.

While US companies can apply for a license to exempt certain products from the trade ban, Google did not comment if it has applied for such. However, it has said in the past that it will continue supplying for Huawei. Recently, the US Commerce Department has at least 130 applications for companies to sell US goods to Huawei but has not approved a single one yet.

The Mate 30 will still be able to use the Android operating system, though it won’t come with Google’s apps and services. It’s unclear if consumers will be able to side-load Google Play into the device themselves, which is the practice of many enthusiasts that regularly purchase smartphones meant only for the Chinese market that don’t come with Google services.

While the Huawei’s domestic sales of the Mate 30 will likely be unaffected in their home country of China where the company is enjoying brisk sales thanks to patriotic buyers, the company’s latest phone not coming with Google’s services may likely be a deal-breaker for many consumers in the west.

Despite Trump’s latest statement that they “are not going to do business with Huawei”, Huawei spokesman Joe Kelly told Reuters that the brand remains optimistic that it will be able to use Android and that they will continue developing their in-house Harmony OS should the US prevents them from using Android.

“For smartphone operating systems, the open Android operating system and the ecosystem around it are still our first choice. We encourage consumers to stay tuned for new products and announcements,” Huawei said in a statement.

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