Infinix Confirms NOTE 30 Series with Fast Wireless Charging

Infinix Confirms NOTE 30 Series with Fast Wireless Charging

We’ve got word about the NOTE 30 Series last month, and we spotted details about the vanilla 4G version and the top-end VIP variant. Recently, Infinix not just confirmed that the NOTE 30 Series is coming, but adds that one of them will have fast wireless charging.

In case you’re wondering, Infinix does have fast wireless charging—this was announced as part of its All-Round FastCharge tech, where Infinix demonstrated a 110w wireless charging solution.

To recap, Infinix’s 110w wireless All-Round FastCharge can top-up a 4400mAh battery in 16 minutes, which is fast for wireless charging. Infinix made use of custom-made small-sensitive coils that have a simpler design, along with a custom wireless charging pad that has a bottom-mounted fan to keep charging speeds consistent while not heating up quickly.

While we don’t expect to see 110w wireless charging on the NOTE 30 series, what will be interesting is that Infinix is pushing for fast wireless charging at a $300(~Php 17k) price point. That would be very ambitious for Infinix, as we have yet to see any brand offer fast wireless charging at under Php 20k.

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We’re not sure which NOTE 30 variant will be getting fast wireless charging, but we presume that the VIP version might have it–which should explain why earlier reports state that it will “only” have 68w wired charging instead of 120w wired charging as found on the NOTE 12 VIP.

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