Just Mobile Xtand Pro

by Carlo Ople  February 28, 2011

Are you the type that uses his MacBook Pro or PC Laptop as a desktop? You know when you use a VGA cable to hook your laptop up to a 24″inch LCD/LED monitor. This is actually very common these days since laptops are getting so much power crammed into them lately. You can literally replace desktops already with laptops. Anyway, because of this behavior the demand for laptop stands have increased dramatically over the last few years. One good stand is the Just Mobile Xtand Pro. It’s made from solid aluminum and matches the color of MacBook unibody models. The elevation also helps in circulating air keeping the MacBook cool. The height is adjustable so you can lower it if you don’t want to use an external mouse and keyboard.

How much? P5,590. You can order one through the Apple Store and get it within 24 hours.

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