Kimstore Cuts Price of Millerton Power Banks

Kimstore Cuts Price of Millerton Power Banks


The perfect companion this Holy Week

A lot of you are probably packing your bags and preparing all of your gadgets for the long Holy Week weekend ahead, but before you leave you might want to swing by Kimstore’s page and check out her Millerton Power Banks. Aside from having extremely reliable lithium polymer batteries, these batteries sport Samsung’s own battery tech that keeps them from suffering from catastrophic failures (read: fires) with its overcharging, overcurrent and short circuit protection and charges quicker than other power banks. It also has an integrated flash light which is useful for people travelling around.


Kimstore has officially cut the price of these batteries – the 6000mAh model is just Php 799 from Php 999, while the 12000mAh battery is now Phpo 1799 from Php 1,999.

These Millerton Power Banks are all available through Kimstore. Order one before you take off for your summer vacation!

(This post was made in partnership with Kimstore)

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