LG G3 Dual-Sim, Dual-LTE Pops Up in Malls for Php24,560

LG G3 Dual-Sim, Dual-LTE Pops Up in Malls for Php24,560


Dual SIM LG G3 Anyone?

After reviewing almost all the flagships using Android so far, we’re pretty much still convinced that the LG G3 is one of the very best among the lot. We’ve actually been using one since it was launched and we haven’t decided to replace it with any of the new flagships that came out including the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or even the Sony Xperia Z3. However to a hardcore LG G3 fan, there’s a potential “upgrade” available in a few stores in malls. While still unofficial, the LG G3 Dual Sim is now being offered by several stores like Premium Gadgets/Mobile (SM Megamall). Priced at Php24,500-Php25,000, this device is the best solution for people who are tired of carrying two devices with them all the time. Just slot both sims in and carry a powerbank or two so that you never run out of juice, hehe.

What are the other differences with the original G3? Not much. The specifications are still the same so the only change really is the dual SIM functionality (we will verify this once we get our hands on one).

Interested in the G3? Here are a few articles that we wrote about it already:


UPDATE: Despite the box saying it’s “DUAL LTE”, the phone’s SIM card slots only offers 1 LTE capable and the other one is 2G. Boo. Apparently “DUAL LTE” means being able to access LTE bands of China and the rest of the world.

PS: Thanks to Leo Valdez for alerting us about the phone on the LG G3 PH Facebook Group!

PS Part 2: Kindly note that these are gray market units and they do NOT come with an official LG warranty. All you get is a store warranty. Also the stores we visited didn’t offer payments via card (debit or credit) so if you really want one, bring cash.

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