5 Superb Cases for the LG G3

5 Superb Cases for the LG G3

Some of the very best cases available for the LG G3
Some of the very best cases available for the LG G3

Kick Ass Cases for Your LG G3

Among all the Android smartphones we’ve reviewed so far, the LG G3 still stands out as one of the very best. The internals, hardware design, price, and over-all build puts it ahead of a lot of other flagships. The good news is that there are now more third party and official LG accessories already available in the Philippines! For this post we’ve compiled our top 5 picks for best cases for the LG G3. Check them out below. 🙂

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Otterbox Symmetry (Php2,150)

Ideal for maximum protection and security
Ideal for maximum protection and security

When it comes to protection and quality that you can trust there’s Otterbox. This company has proven time and time again that they make the best secure cases in the world and their new Symmetry line is no exception. The Otterbox Symmetry is a solid unibody case that features a rubber honeycombed core (helps with absorbing shock) combined with a hard polycarbonate external shell. This build delivers superb protection from all angles while still relatively easy to put on your phone (which was the main complain with the Defender and Commuter series of Otterbox).

Right now there are three colors available via Tenkiebox: gray, black, and pink.

Spigen Slim Armor (Php1,450)

Color. Style. Decent Protection.
Color. Style. Decent Protection.

If Otterbox has made a name for themselves for protection, Spigen (SPG) has made theirs with style. Their Neo Hybrid series was a smash hit for Galaxy and iPhone users alike. Unfortunately we haven’t seen the Neo Hybrid yet for the LG G3 but we do have the Spigen Slim Armor. This case is double layered with TPU and a polycarbonate (almost metallic) hard mid back cover. The TPU protects the edges while the shell is an additional layer for those nasty drops and bumps. The dual color design gives the case much more style points compared to the offering of Otterbox but it doesn’t deliver the same level of security.

The Spigen Slim Armor comes in different colors including Gray, Gold, and Blue. So far we’ve only seen the Blue and Gold ones in local shops.

LG Quick Circle Case (Php2,100)

For all you flip case fans out there
For all you flip case fans out there

Most of you who bought the LG G3 from official channels probably have this already — the LG Quick Circle Case. It’s arguably the best flip-type smart case for the LG G3 right now. Not only was it officially made by LG for the G3, but because it’s perfectly fitted and designed to preserve the slim form factor of the device. It doesn’t add bulk or heft to it at all.

There are several stores in malls that already sell a variety of colors for this case. The usual ones include the gold, gray, and white variants. In the last month we’ve spotted light blue, pink, and red.

LG Slim Hard Case (Php700)

Maximum style but minimum protection, hehe.
Maximum style but minimum protection, hehe.

Among all the cases we’ve tried, this is the best when it comes to style. Made by LG, this back case has a premium leather finish which just takes the elegance and class of the G3 to a whole new level. It feels fantastic and helps with grip, but more importantly it gives the device a ton of pogi points. Downside? It offers little protection. It’s more of a design element than actual protection.

This case comes in different colors ranging from black, maroon, dark brown, white, etc.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid (Php1,450)

Lightweight but the "plasticky" back can get annoying.
Lightweight but the “plasticky” back can get annoying.

Lastly we have the Ultra Hybrid series for the G3. This is basically a bumper case with a soft TPU clear back enclosure. It preserves the form and look of the G3 while giving moderate protection. Our only concern with it is that the soft TPU feels very plasticky. Other than that it looks fantastic!

So those are our top 5 picks so far. There are a couple of honorable mentions though. There’s the Momax clear back case, the Incipio Slim Armor, and the Hex Rugged Armor. These three you can get from Digital Walker.

LG G3 Philippines Best Cases a

How about you guys? DO you have cases for the G3 that wasn’t in our list? Let us know in the comments section below so we can take a look at ’em!

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