7 Power User Tips for the LG G3

7 Power User Tips for the LG G3

The LG G3
The LG G3

Power Tips for One of the Best Android Flagships To Date

The LG G3 is without a doubt one of the very best smartphones in the market today. We’ve already reviewed the device thoroughly and you should check it out here if you haven’t read it yet. While the main selling point for this phone is really the display, it actually has a lot of features that users should take advantage of to make everyday smartphone life more convenient and smoother. We put together a short list of power tips for owners (and soon-to-be owners). Check it out below!

I. Optimize Quick Toggles in Notifications

One of the first things you should do is to fix the order of system toggles in Notifications. You’ll be using this a lot because you will have to turn on/off wifi, data, NFC, location, Bluetooth, etc. You can keep them all on but that would dramatically deplete battery life.

To edit go to Notifications by swiping down from the top of your screen. Scroll to the very end of the system toggles and tap edit. From there you can control what toggles are there as well as their sequence. If you want more space for your Notifications we recommend removing “Volumes”. That takes up so much space.

II. Camera Shortcut When Phone is Asleep

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The LG G3 has a really fast camera but it’s kinda pointless if you fumble around just to access the camera app when you quickly need to snap a photo. Fortunately LG thought of this and all you have to do to quickly jump into camera mode is to hold down on the lower volume rear key when your phone is asleep. This will wake the phone and will open the camera application.

III. Set Home Touch Buttons

This is a feature that all Android smartphones should have. You can actually change the controls that appear on your Home Touch panel (the set of on-screen buttons at the bottom). To do this just go to Settings -> Display -> Home Touch Buttons. Add, reduce, and rearrange to your satisfaction.

You can customize the bottom tray! Wow.
You can customize the bottom tray! Wow.

IV. Maximize Knock Feature

The Knock On feature of the LG G3 is one of our most used features on the phone. We already know double knocking on it wakes up the phone. Don’t forget though that by knocking twice on it while it’s awake you can actually lock and put it to sleep. Nifty. Just make sure you double knock on a space on your screen without widgets.

V. Don’t Get Stuck with the LG Quick Circle Case

Chances are you’re still rocking the LG Quick Circle Case that came free with the LG G3. It’s a great case but please note that you have other options. Our personal favorite right now is the LG Hard Slim cases. They give the LG G3 a very premium feel and they come in different colors.


We actually wrote a review on this already. Click here to go to that post.

VI. Reduce Lag by Reducing Animation

The biggest criticism against the LG G3 was that there were still minor lags here and there. This is mainly due to the processor trying to catch up with all the pixels that the display has. This is actually quite easy to solve. Go to Developer Options (Settings -> General -> Developer Options) and reduce the following to .5x: Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale.

If Developer Options is not available go to About Phone (Settings -> General -> About Phone). Go to Build number and tap 7 times. That will open access to Developer Options.

VII. Get a Wireless Charger


Last, but not the least, consider getting a Wireless Charger. The default back plate of the LG G3 already has Qi charging and so does the Quick Circle case. Wireless charging is so convenient since you don’t have to fumble with wires anymore. Also you don’t end up scratching the micro USB port at the bottom of your phone.

LG actually has a wireless charger accessory specifically for the LG G3 but it’s not yet being sold locally. You do have several options though. Kimstore is selling a bunch of wireless chargers or you can also get the Samsung wireless charging plate (small black square) for around Php2,000.

And those are our initial tips! If you’re an LG G3 user yourself and you have tips to share, please do leave a comment or two below and we’ll try to include it in this list. Kindly give non-root tips since majority of our readers don’t root their devices.

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